For Better or War

In times of war, civility is sometimes gained by those unfairly treated.  The Emancipation Proclamation, a war document was issued for states directly affected by the war between the states.  It’s intent was never to free a single person held as a slave because it was the right thing to do.  In WWII African Americans were allowed to join in order to replenish bodies.  In the war in Vietnam, troops that were segregated were ordered to desegregate in order to strengthen the units.  Women gained the right to fight in a war only recently, in part because women are assumed to be non threatening targets that no man would hurt or fight.  As the wars continue, the great civil rights debate centers around the issue of gay marriage.  History has shown, that in times of war, civil rights are granted, not because they are fair and just, but in the interest of war.  When the “Don’t-Don’t” rule was issued, the nation was not at war. Since rights are not always granted, they must be ammended for whatever the justification may be, even patriotism.


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