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The Master Hypnotist in Central Texas


WB Gunter


     Hypnosis; Just thinking about it evokes mystery.  It’s often embraced, feared, or met with intrigue and reluctance.  Hypnosis is an ancient art form which transforms states of consciousness. Throughout history, hypnosis has been used for medical purposes, religious ceremonies, and to relieve psychological anxiety.  More recently, its been used for pain management, smoking cessation, weight management, overcoming test anxiety, and insomnia.  With so many benefits, why is it considered something of a cultural taboo? One reason, as stated by Pat Lewis, “I like to be in control.”   

   Meet Mr. P C-Los, Master Hypnotist.  With an eyeful of bright concentric circles, wearing a t-shirt with an eye logo, and charming personality, Mr. P’s fans flock to him, willing to share stories of his amazing abilities through their experiences at one of his shows.  Mr P., in addition to clinical hypnosis for clients with specific needs, he is also an entertainer who uses hypnosis in his on stage shows. “At the end of a show, people in the audience do one of two things.  Either they ask to join in and be part of a show, or they run out the door.”  As a street performer, audience members are very receptive and curious to see how hypnosis works.

     About 3 years ago, Mr. P, Master Hypnotist completed the necessary studies for hypnosis. He chose to use hypnosis as a way to help people work through stress, weight loss, addictions, and fear.  That is the clinical side of hypnosis. The clinical and the entertainment side of hypnosis are totally separate.  When people come to a show, they are coming to be entertained.  When a client has a problem, they are asking for help, and that stays confidential.  Extending a clinical hypnosis during an entertainment session would be unethical and irresponsible, so the two sides of hypnosis will never meet. 

  Hypnosis takes the subconscious thoughts and brings it to the conscious state of mind.  The brain is always active, but in different states. In a state of consciousness, you are alert, awake, and aware of everything going on around you.  You are in a state of active participation.  The subconscious part of thinking is where everything is stored that was learned during your conscious state of activity.  The third state of consciousness occurs when we sleep.  It’s in sleep that our minds vent through issues, reorganize, prioritize, and rejuvenate.  Hypnosis is generally applied during the state of consciousness. It’s introduced as a suggestion.  Suggestibility is when one is in a hyper or heightened state for receiving the suggestions. It’s in this state where induction into a hypnotic state takes place.  At no point is the mind being taken over or an individual finds himself or herself an unwilling participant. According to Mr. P., Words are very powerful, so when suggesting, it’s important to be aware of what’s being said.  For example, “if someone came to me and asked for me to help them lose weight, what would happen if I said, stop eating?  Pretty soon, they will lose weight to the point of starvation and death. So, first I have to listen to what is being asked and be aware of what I say.    

     A hypnotic trance is what you go into after the suggestion has been introduced and inducted. It is during this state where suggestibility peaks.  The responses are automatic yet, it’s not the same as sleeping.  A suggestion may be repeated but the individual is awake and are given instructions on how to come out of a trance.  It’s virtually impossible to get stuck in a hypnotic trance because “your conscious mind won’t allow you to get stuck.”  It will wake you up and even if you don’t remember everything, your body will be refreshed.  Mr. P states, “the most difficult individuals to wake from hypnosis are sleepwalkers, because sleepwalking puts the mind in a similar state.”  To describe what a hypnotic trance, Mr. P compares it to being in a car for a drive and the mind goes into autopilot.  You know the destination, how to get there, and your mind gets you there, but you aren’t really thinking about the drive or giving too much attention to the surroundings.  You just do what has to be done to arrive at your destination.  If you hit the rubble on the side of the road, you awake, become attentive, and consciousness is restored.  At revivals, during ritual dances, listening to certain beats, rhythms, and chants, the mind transcends one state of consciousness into another.  That’s how a hypnotic trance works.  It isn’t mind control, and there’s nothing to fear.

   With meditation, the mind slows down and relaxes.  It goes into a space of nothingness or not thinking about anything specific.  Hypnosis tells the subconscious to do something.  It’s used for a purpose.  Both meditation and hypnosis rejuvenate, calms the senses, and can be self induced.  The reasons are as individual as the user.  Mr. P’s audience stretches across the globe and he is highly recommended.  Among hypnotists, he’s top in the nation.

     On June 30th, Clos Mr. P will present a the Hypnosis Show in Copperas Cove Texas.  The show will be located at 111 W. Avenue D at the “old theater.”  The door opens at 6:30 PM and the show begins at 7:00PM  Tickets will be  available at the door or call C-Los Mr. P, the Master Hypnotist at (254) 383-1989.  To reach Mr. P, email him at or on Facebook at Clos Mister P.  Special party rates are available.  To see Mr. P in action, click on YouTube 35forlife.   Mister P looks forward to hearing from you as well as seeing you at the show. 



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