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The Social Gastrointestinal Love Affair

When you think about it, food has been a constant part of our lives. It’s loyal. Food makes a spectacular entrance at every luncheon, celebration, family gathering, and bon voyage. Let’s face it, food is the circle that binds friendships, it’s the economic determining socialite sublimely categorizing cliques. If you want to know about a person, watch what they eat. Wrong or right, you are judged by what you eat.
So, what happens when your appetite shifts? Maybe the dietary needs have changed, perhaps you’ve changed. No problem right? Wrong! There are some stages to exiting the gastrointestinal social lifestyle. First, the inquisition begins, followed by the sabotage, which in some instances can become quite dangerous especially to someone with medical issues. The choices are clear, your health or your food, your friends, traditions, family, culture, or your uncompromising dietary decision. Acceptance or denial, retreat, or move forward. You began to transition long before letting go of the foods you used to love, crave, covet, and dream of tasting. Honestly, food is the last thing to go. It’s been a loyal companion, our thick and thin, ride or die, good times, bad times, bored times, anytime crutch. And like all crutches, the time comes when you have to let go, renew, be strong, and maintain balance.



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