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Hosting to support a dream

I wanted to share with you a story about Willie Mae Jordan, who spent many years as a soloist. After dealing with some personal medical issues, she lost some of her mobility and most of her eyesight. In spite of it all, she decided to move forward and continue instilling a love for music in the hearts and minds of children. To do this, she began compiling a music appreciation library for children in several volumes of books. Her plan is to create scholarly books for children and have them published by a major company.

After completing the first book, entitled, WE LOOK BACK, AND SING THE SPIRITUALS, she found the costs for publication to be more than expected. Never allowing anything to be a deterrent, she knows where there is a will, there is also a way. I decided to help her by launching a campaign on her behalf. Her book will be published by a partner with the major publishing company she chose. I ask that you help with the campaign by showing your support and or donating to the campaign.

The goal is to assist writer, Willie Mae Jordan, so she will be able to share her musical knowledge with others. All proceeds will go directly to Archway Publishing on her behalf. Thank you for your time, support, and encouragement. To learn more, visit, http://www.fundly.com/First Time Author; Lifetime Dream

If you are a writer, please share with others what works so they too can fulfill their dreams and goals. I am a champion of success and found that the more positive your surroundings, the better the possibilities are for reaching goals.


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