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The Mayan Calendar Prediction & The End

WB Gunter

Did the prediction of the Mayan Calendar really happen? When you look at endings, most occur without much incident, chaos, or destruction. Some things simply fade out of existence.

The year 2012 marked the end of an era. It is the last date that will be 12/12/12 or 12/21/12 for at least another 100 years. But the end may have come a lot sooner and without notice. We have become a world that is digitally connected. Our thoughts, profiles, and data is public information. Satellites and Google have made it possible to locate anyone anywhere in the world. Free thinking is quickly becoming obsolete and social idealism is taking over. The Mayan calendar was constructed based on the universal cycles of the land, water, and sky.

We live in a time where family planning and reproduction is chemically manipulated. As a consequence, intentional or not, the result yields female sterilization. Artificial inseminations, cryogenic suspension of cells, and eugenics are the functions of labs for those who can afford it. Traditional non chemical reproductive functions died many years ago. Animals used for food products have every aspect of their reproduction manipulated by humans. From the collectors of bio fluids, to the drivers who take the specimen to the labs, to the individuals who fertilize the animals, nothing is natural about animals and plants used for food consumption unless stated that the product is certified organic. The once natural cycle of life is now juiced up with hormones and antibiotics. If food is genetically altered what does that make people who are consuming the food products? Maybe the human race has become a collection of genetically altered people. The use of human proteins in food was not practiced when the Mayan Calendar was formed. Using human by products for cosmetics doesn’t seem logical, but it is the world we now live in, and those human cellular products give skin a youthful look and feel. They hide the fact that the foods most often consumed have the same physical look and feel of someone or something that has been poisoned. Small amounts over time will render the same results over a longer period of time.

Religious politics provide a need to affiliate with an organized branch of religion. It has absolutely nothing to do with spirituality. Faithfulness, believing in a greater power, living with the earth and its inhabitants, is a thing of the past. Having a sense of knowing and the internal peace that comes from a well developed belief structure is almost unheard of anymore. Every aspect of life and death is written and given merit by legal mandates. We live in a world where external validation from others defines an individual’s worth in society, no matter how temporary. Self awareness creates a sense of insecurity, so things are used to cover up what is lacking internally. It’s an age old story.

The Mayan calendar was created by a people who looked to a higher power and lived accordingly. It is a calendar that has been in existence longer than the calendars we now use to measure the span of time. Media portrayal of the calendar seem to poke fun at the Mayan culture in relation to the calendar, yet when Nostradamus’s predictions were unfounded, not much poking fun went on there. The entertainment industry, companies who feed on the fears of others profited, and somehow, it (the Mayan Calendar prediction of the end) will eventually be reduced as part of American pop culture and urban legends.

Cultures that once farmed, produced food, practiced medicine, and observed their spirituality were often laughed at and seen as strange in the eyes of modern “civilization.” Holding on to cultural traditions, languages, passing on a rich heritage stopped. And, when they stopped, their world became closed off to them. Generations later, the traditions, languages, morals, ideals and ties to the past were lost forever. So their world did end. The ending of one civilization is a loss to the world. Generations from now, how many people will have experienced an organic fruit or vegetable, not a hybrid, but a bona fide all natural food product farmed by the hands of a family member. How many of them will even remember how to grow food themselves? How many children will be conceived without pharmaceutical interference or medical manipulation? Within the last generation or two, some parts of our world have ended. Many things from previous generations are extinct, and one day, the way we mark time on a calendar will also stop. In those respects, yes, there has been and will be an end to the world as we know it. And like most endings, it will simply fade without chaos or destruction.

By the Mayan Calendar’s prediction of the end of the world, an interest in the Mayan Civilization and history was renewed. The idea of letting go is more difficult than the acceptance of being gone. As long as there is a a presumed end, human nature will revive it. We like happy endings, but more than that, we like to control our destiny.


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