The Questions Not Asked

Before the acquittal, it became apparent that some questions were not being explored, and somehow the investigation seemed to be incomplete in the case of Zimmerman vs. State.

George Zimmerman admitted that after the shooting, he turned Trayvon over, straddled him, and held his arms stretched out, and pinned to the ground. The usual reaction following an injury is to touch the area of the wound to assess the injury, stop the bleeding, pain, or itch, and make it better.

1. Was Trayvon’s breathing restricted under the weight of Zimmerman?
2. By pinning his arms, was that not an attempt to stop Trayvon from using his phone to call 911 or emergency contact?
3. By pinning him down, did that prevent Trayvon from assessing his wound, trying to stop the bleeding, or relieve the pain?
4. Since Zimmerman was holding Trayvon down after he knew he shot him, did he not render aid?
5. Were Zimmerman’s actions part of his police training? If not, then what was?
6. Does holding the arms in the position Zimmerman claimed, speed up the process of dying?
7. Did Zimmerman watch, wait, and speed up the process of Trayvon’s demise
8. If Trayvon was on top,then fell to the ground after being shot, what was the reason for straddling?

The next issue not pursued was a closer look at the neighborhood watch program in place and the protocol. The neighborhood watch captain knows the neighborhood. The neighbors know who the neighborhood watch coordinator is, and neighbors have a list of names, addresses, and phone numbers of one another. Meetings are regular, and everyone knows the protocol.

1. When was Zimmerman voted in as neighborhood coordinator, and was it before or after his run in with the law and drug charges?
2. Were members of the watch committee aware of his history?
3. What are the requirements for neighborhood coordinator? Do you have to know the streets, alleys, shortcuts etc.?
4. Which neighbors did Zimmerman notify when he saw Trayvon that night, and where are those phone transcripts?
5. What did the neighbors do?

We live in a download, upload, post it quick, society.
1. Where is the footage? A fight went on and no one recorded it?
Police drive to a scene, and the dash cam is not entered as evidence except at the point where Zimmerman is getting in the car, which by the way was not taken by the 1st car on the scene because it shows him getting in the back seat.

2. What was the intent of this trial? Having a trial does not mean it will be fair, objective, or appropriate.

3. What was the point in televising a trial, where only the defense jurors decide the outcome?

4. How was that a jury of peers when neither parties were females or mothers?

Lots can be learned from this trial and other cases in Florida and elsewhere when the outcomes are so extreme.


2 responses to “The Questions Not Asked

  1. Rhonda Brown

    Our nation is need of healing, but healing is not possible when in a constant state of denial. I hoped the President Obama would finish what had been started when for political reasons he had to deny Pastor Jeremiah Wright the person who I believe poured America’s truths into him from a Black perspective. In all of my disappointment at this verdict and the implications for the safety of all Americans, I am determined to be a part of the solution in any way that I can. All politics are local and my community is my family. Love covers a multitude of sin and when are actions are grounded in love giants do fall.

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